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October 1979

OHFC was created in accordance with the Texas Housing Finance Corporations Act

December 1979

Issued a Single Family Revenue Bond worth $39,875,000

April 1983

Issued a Loan to Lender Revenue Bond worth $7,830,000

September 1990

Issued a Single Family Revenue Bond worth $9,500,000

November 1992

Issued a Single Family Revenue Bond worth $21,719,000


Purchased and renovated Lincoln Tower Retirement. Later being sold in February 1998.


Developed and Managed UTPB Student Housing facilities. OHFC was bought out by UTPB in 2003

1994-October 1999

OHFC joined with the City of Odessa to develop the Hendley Subdivision. This is a 53 home subdivision located in South Odessa. 


OHFC purchased 13 lots on West Clements Street to develop low to moderate income houses, later to be named after Ernest R. Martinez. 


On our search of affordable housing, we acquired 18 lots in West Odessa where we developed and sold homes as low as $50,000. 


We acquired two lots in North Central Odessa where we constructed new homes and sold for $60,000. At this time, we also acquired three HUD repo's that we rehabbed and sold. 


OHFC spent this time purchasing existing houses and HUD repo's to rehab and sell on the East side of Odessa. We also purchased six lots on Beechwood where new homes were constructed and sold from $70,000 to $82,500.

July 2003

OHFC became a credit counseling services provider. To date we have helped over 300 clients. 

December 2003

With approval of our board of directors, OHFC began making mortgage loans to clients who struggled with qualifying for other loans. 


We have been developing and rehabbing affordable homes across Odessa. To date, we have sold around 180 homes.

2014- currently 

OHFC has been developing the Estates on 87th. This community will have affordable apartments, town homes, single-family homes, senior living and retail. 


We purchased four homes throughout 2016 that were rehabbed and are currently rental homes through OHFC.


OHFC purchased 16 lots on Coronado Avenue and 6 lots on Copus Circle. They were developed and sold as affordable single-family homes. 

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